Sunday, May 30, 2010

adventure before it begins

So, here we are, only about 15 days out from the start of our alaskan adventure. I've never been to Alaska but have always been fascinated with the place and it's beauty, just like most places around the world. When things didn't work out with my work schedule to book another caribbean cruise, alaska was an option. When we decided to book the trip, I was really excited. I got even more excited as we started talking about different excursions. I'm counting down the days, trying to think about the things I need to take with me, and reading as much as I can, so I can know what to expect when I get there. Not only do I get to see and experience Alaska but I get to see Seattle as well as part of Canada. I am beyond excited at this point. I hope to keep you all updated on the things we are doing and seeing while we are gone. Hopefully my trusty iPhone will not let me down.'s to EXPERIENCING ALASKA!

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