Monday, June 14, 2010


Well here we are. We finally made it on the ship. We got here around noon and went through security before getting on the ship. Mom held up the line with your computer. She didn't have it out of the case. In her defense though, there were NO signs anywhere to tell us that it needed to be removed from her bag. This is her first trip traveling with a computer. Anyways, we got checked in with Holland America. We got our room keys and a special invitation for Mariners (which is people that have been on Holland America before) to have lunch in the dining room. They were sending everyone else up to the Lido pool deck to eat. We really weren't that hungry so we didn't eat much. Remember, we made a trip to the donut shop this morning too and that was after breakfast :) After lunch which consisted of shrimp cocktail, soup, chicken, and salmon (this was what we had all together, not just me, haha!), we were able to go to our cabin. It's a nice cabin with a nice balcony. I took pictures, and I'll try to get those uploaded and organized tonight or during our sea day tomorrow. We just got back from the Greenhouse Spa where we each booked the "Absolute Face and Body Experience" which sounds like an hour and a half of heaven :) We are just hanging out now, resting, preparing ourselves for our lifeboat drill in about an hour. I guess I need to start working up an appetite too because at 5:45 we will be heading to eat dinner and I'l certain it will be delicious as it always is. Tonight at 9pm they have a complimentary game of Bingo and the winner will win $500. Then the show tonight is at 9:30. We've got a busy evening ahead of us, followed by a nice and relaxing sea day tomorrow. I'll try to get pictures uploaded and post a few. We are looking forward to EXPERIENCING ALASKA (again, for Mom:))


  1. That sounds so WONDERFUL! I have GOT to go on a cruise sometime.