Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ketchikan, AK

Last night was pretty uneventful. We went to dinner and I had a rack of lamb and Mom had "surf and turf." Both were tasty. It was too much work to eat the lamb so I didn't eat much of it. They had baked alaska again and it was pretty good. It was definitely better with chocolate sauce. After dinner we walked around for a little bit and had our picture taken. We'll see today how those turned out. We went to bed early last night. We were tired! We decided not to see the show. My mom has seen it several times before and I'm sure I've seen it or variations of it. So this morning we had room service delivered at 6am. When we woke up we were already in Ketchikan. We had an excursion on the duck boat for 8:30. So we took our time eating, went outside to take some pictures and then got ready to head out. We headed out around 8am. It was a little misty this morning but it quickly cleared up. Ketchikan is a nice little town. There are little shops that line the streets. The houses are all different colors. There weren't any stoplights in this town. There were people standing out in the road telling us when we could cross the street. It's quaint here. There are 4 other ships in port today. One of them is the HAL Zaandam, RC Radiance of the Seas, and then Island Princess ship. The duck tour was neat. After driving around on land for a short time, we drove straight into the water. Then we rode around in the water for a little while and came back on land for the rest of our tour. They showed us where the salmon swim upstream. It was interesting. I think they shorted us some on the time of our excursion. It was supposed to be 1.5 hours but it was only 1 hour long. After walking around to the shops, we came back on board for lunch. They didn't start serving lunch until 11:30. So we waited. We hung out in the neptune lounge for a little while (pictures coming soon). Then when it was time for lunch, there were TONS of people acting like they had never eaten food before trying to get to the front of the food line. I could easily see that they had eaten plenty of food before. Anyways, after Mom came back and I attempted to get food, I opted for the dessert line instead. It was really short….actually there was NO ONE in line. They had bread pudding again today and I loved it yesterday, so that's what I had for lunch….a little bit of fruit and then some bread pudding. Now I am waiting until time for my excursion. I have to be down at the end of the gangway in about 30 minutes to go snorkeling. I think Mom might rest some or maybe she'll go explore while I'm snorkeling. I'm hoping we have time to visit the spa again this evening or maybe when I get back from snorkeling. Who knows…..but I would LOVE to go sit in the jacuzzi and just relax.


  1. I love bread pudding too! Sounds likd a good day to me.

  2. I love towns with multi colored houses. My kind of town ;-) And I totally heart bread pudding. Yumm!