Thursday, June 9, 2011


This morning we had to have luggage ready for the bellboys to pick up at 8am.  So that meant an early morning.  After breakfast and checking out of the Fairmont, we went downstairs to retrieve our luggage so that we could check in for our Air North flight from Vancouver to Whitehorse.  I had never heard of Air North but I will say now that they now have a new fan.....actually, 2 new fans.  The seats were comfy, they were very friendly, and they served us food, like A MEAL!  No, not snacks, but a turkey wrap with pretzels and a warm cookie.  I know that's not a huge meal, but considering the prices that we have to pay on airlines in the US to get a simple snack pack and check one bag of luggage, this airline far exceeds the ones that I have been on lately as far as customer service and pleasing ALL of their customers.

Moving on.....once our flight landed, we realized that we were in a small airport.  It reminded me of Peoria's airport.  It was small!  We met our tour concierge here as we entered baggage claim.  Our tour guides name is Tom.  He seems like he is going to be a good tour guide.  When we got on our tour bus, we met our driver.  She is the same driver who brought a Holland America bus to a travel show.  I didn't remember her at first but Mom did.

When we got our room keys at our hotel, we went to our room a little disappointed to find one king bed instead of two beds.  I love my mom and all but I like my own bed :)  We were going to make due with the one bed.  We decided to mention it to Tom when we went back downstairs to ask a few questions.  The gave us a new room.  The upgraded us to a suite.  It's about twice the size of the other room we were in AND we have 2 beds.

After we explored around town a little bit, it was almost time for our welcome dinner.  We were some of the first people to pick a table.  Then a group of 3 came and joined us.  They were from New Zealand.  Then two more people joined us.  They were also from New Zealand.  They were all very nice.  Let me see if I can remember their names.....Owen, Alison, Neville, Beverly, and Tom.  I'll see tomorrow if I was right.   We had a little mixer to get us up so we could meet our tour group.  There are 33 of us that will be traveling together for the next 10 days and of course me and Mom are the youngest....I'm not surprised.

Tomorrow our tour starts early.  We have to be downstairs at 6:45am.  Beforehand we have to eat breakfast because we will be gone for a good 8 hours.  Tomorrow night we are also going to see Frantic Follies.  Should be fun!  Now if only the Mavs would win tonight.

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