Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Latest Adventure

My latest adventure happened this past weekend.  Back in October my wonderful boyfriend said he wanted to take me somewhere for my birthday.  Me being the adventurous traveler that I am was excited....I love going anywhere!  So he tried to keep it a secret but that lasted for maybe 1-2 days :)  But that's ok....knowing where we were going gave me something exciting to look forward to during the hectic and chaotic fall season.

Fast forward a month or so and we finally were ready for our adventure.  We flew on Spirit, which has a lot of mixed reviews.  I'd say it was decent.  Not horrible.  When we boarded the plane, the flight attendant that was on there began to get upset that they had let us on the plane.  She started saying "we're not ready!"  Well what were we supposed to do about that?  They told us to get on the plane so we did what we were told.  I think she was just having a rough morning.  Despite the rudeness from the flight attendant we made it in one piece and on time to Chicago to spend the day.

It was a packed day and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire adventure.  We started at The Bongo Room.  We attempted to find it by walking but quickly realized that it might be better to catch a cab.  Good thing we did because it was farther away than we thought.  It just so happens that there were multiple locations.  We were told later by our very friendly Smart Home tour guide at the Science museum that we went to the best location.  When we pulled up, there was a wait.  I knew that since there was a wait it must mean that it is a good place to go.  We probably waited 30 minutes but the weather was decently nice so it wasn't too cold to wait outside.  Once seated, we made our choices and ordered.  Then we started seeing all these dessert like pancakes that people had ordered.  I had to second guess my choice but when mine came out and I started eating it, I was very pleased with my choice.

Our next stop was the Science Museum.  It's a big place that you could easily spend all day in.  They had a bunch of add on exhibits.  We went for the Smart Home and one of the IMAX movies about flying.  The smart home exhibit was pretty cool.  I'm ready to start building mine.  I'm also ready to get a mirror with a internet access so I can get ready in the morning and check my Facebook and the latest news all in one.  The movie was interesting but I could have easily fallen asleep!  The chairs were comfy and laid back a little.  They were just what my neck needed.  I guess I didn't mention the extreme neck pain I was experiencing.  It started Friday morning and it continues today (even though it does feel better).  We had some extra time after our smart home exhibit and our IMAX movie so we went across the street to Lake Michigan.  It was beautiful!  I've never seen any of the great lakes in person.  It was so peaceful!  We stopped for some photos and then walked on a little long to sit and rest some before heading back.
Lake Michigan

Cedric the Gnome...there is a story that goes with this little gnome.  

After the museum, we went downtown to see the Chicago Bean in Millennium Park.  Of course me being the picture person I am had to take a few pictures.  
The Bean

We had to get the skyline in the picture.  I think we did pretty good.

After the Bean, we did a little bit of window shopping and went inside the enormous Macy's.  It reminded me of the one in NYC.  We went up to the coats section and I'm pretty sure they had any coat you could think of that you might possibly want or need.  We looked around for a little while  before heading to an early dinner.  

We saved the best for last.....the pizza!  I had never had any Chicago style pizza, but I love deep dish pizza so I knew it would not disappoint.  We went to Giordano's.....they told us the wait was going to be about 1-1.5 hours.  We patiently waited and were pleasantly surprised when we were called after about 20 minutes.  We had already preordered our pizza because it takes about 45 minutes for them to cook.  My first experience with Chicago style pizza was a positive one.  I enjoyed every last bite :)  We even saved room for dessert.  Well, I don't know that I saved room for it....I would say I made room for it and thought I might need to be rolled out of the restaurant later.  

After our pizza it was about time to start making our way back to the airport to get through security and get back on our flight to head home.  

Overall, I had a GREAT adventure, even though I was in a lot of pain and I'm glad I got to spend it in great company and was well taken care of! :)  


  1. Your trip sounded like so much fun! Matt has the same opinion about Spirit airlines, lol. He didn't have a great experience with them. Glad y'all had a good time!

  2. How fun! I have always wanted to day trip. What a great birthday present!