Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 1.....

Or maybe this is day two...I'm not sure.  We left early, like 3 am early for the airport Saturday morning.  We took a flight to Phoenix and a separate flight to LAX. Then we got  on our longest flight we have on our way to Sydney...15 hours. Thankfully we were in first class and had space to spread out. They had a ton of storage space for our stuff.  One of my little storage spaces wouldn't open AFTER I put my bag in it with all my important stuff. So they had to call the maintenance men to come to the rescue. He did and I decided not to put my stuff back in there and it's a good thing I didn't.  I checked later on during the flight and it was stuck closed again.  Our seats were those lay flat seats and they brought us more food than I could eat. We had our own little personal TVs with a ton to watch. I slept most of the time.  I tried to fight off a cold yesterday but I did not succeed. I'm now completely stuffed up and was in lot of pain during our descent due to the cabin pressure changing....thankfully my mom brought mucinex so that should help a ton.  That's the only medicine I didn't have in my portable medicine cabinet.

We are now at the Kerry Hotel in Shanghai where the time is 7:47pm and we are here until 5:45 am.  I'm ready for real sleeping a real bed.  I barely have enough energy to lay here and type this but I don't want to get behind.

Tomorrow we fly to Thailand and then to Sydney. We arrive in Sydney in the morning and spend the day/night there and get on the ship the next day which I think might be early Wednesday morning back home.  I'm ready to pass out now just to get up at 4am. I'm just remembering that once we are on the ship we have 2 sea days.

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