Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

***disclaimer...I tried to post this the evening of December 26 but blogger was not cooperating. I also came down with what mom had and it has not been fun.  It's not easy being sick.  It's certainly not easy being sick on vacation. 

Dec 24

Our morning started off early again. We had to catch a tender boat to take us to get on our bus for our 9 hr long excursion. The excursion basically consisted of us taking a 5 hour bus ride to Arthur's Pas which is almost to the west coast of NZ. It was a long drive with a few stops in between for coffee or pit stops. We had to be careful when we got off the bus each time though because as soon as the bus stopped and parked this lady behind us darted for the door. So if we were in her way we pretty much got knocked right back down to our seats.  I kid you know, she was serious about getting of the bus and she was no petite lady.  I just know that I will now be going back and teaching my kindergarteners the proper way to exit the bus.  Apparently some of these people never had proper training in kindergarten or in any grade for that matter. 

Moving on, we go on the train around 1 pm and headed for a town right outside of Christchurch. We got to our location at 3:40pm and then we still had more driving to get back to the boat.  I know I fell asleep several times and woke myself up when the bus driver took the corners a little too close for my liking.  He was not a good driver.  We finally got back to the boat in just enough time to get changed for dinner and make it to our 5:30 dinner seating a little late.  after dinner we came back to the room and rested up and napped a little. They had an international crew show with Christa carols from the English speaking choir, Indonesian choir, and the Filipino choir.  Some of the cast members from the ship sang a few songs too.  It was a really good show and there wear some talented singers in those choirs.  We went to the church service on the ship at midnight.  It wasn't what I was used to I'll just say that.  Then we went back to get a few hours sleep, well about 6 hours sleep before waking up Christmas morning in the middle of the south pacific :) 

Dec 25

We woke up early enough to be at breakfast at 7:30. There were some Christmas festivities going on during the morning hours that we didn't want to miss.  We had Christmas crafts and caroling at 9ish and then Santa made his arrival at 9:45.  It was very entertaining watching all the kids go on stage and have their parents attempt to get their kids pictures with santa.  There were lots of criers.  One little boy is going to be mortified when he gets older and his parents show his pictures of him dressed as an elf.  Then another little boy had a Christmas tree outfit on except the tree looked a little too small and it was the bubble dress style.  It was supposed to go over his little bottom but he kept pulling it up to show hi green underwear before some of the kids club staff reminded him to keep the tree dress down, haha!  Don't worry he was only about 2 or 3 so he really had no idea that he looked ridiculous in the tree outfit.  

After that, we went back for a nice nap in the room.  It was a very peaceful afternoon filled with resting.  We had dinner at the Pinnacle at 5:30. It was also formal night so we dressed up.  The dinner at the Pinnacle was wonderful as always. My filet was cooked to perfection and my chocolate souffle was absolutely delicious.  My mouth is watering as I'm typing this.  

After dinner we went back to the room to change so we could visit the spa.  Th told us that they were closing early and that a note was sent to our stateroom. Well the note must have gotten lost because we got no note about it closing early.  Oh well, we had enough time to enjoy the hydrotherapy pool and heated ceramic tile beds before they closed so I was happy.  Not much happened after that besides coming back to the room.  

Dec 26

I woke up this morning to mom telling me she felt horrible.  She couldn't get out of bed she felt so miserable.  We were docking in Wellington and didn't have any excursions.  I went ahead and showered and got ready.   I went in search of food for mom at the Neptune and the the lido.  We had planned to go to the pinnacle but plans changed but the food was just as good and I didn't have to wait on it :) 

After I ate I called daddy and nanny and wished them a merry Christmas. They were both glad to hear from us.  Mom told me to go on into Wellington and enjoy my time there.  I felt bad leaving but she needed some rest.  There was a shuttle into town so I took that.  I could have walked but I didn't know how far the walk was so I figured I better take the shuttle.  Once I got off the shuttle I asked where Starbucks was and they laughed at me.  I just wanted free internet but I later found out that there is free Internet all over that city so Internet was not a problem.  I'm glad there was so much free internet because I got to FaceTime several people to wish them a merry Christmas.  I also visited a big museum that our bus driver recommended.  It was alright.  Then I walked down the big shopping street and searched for some new sunglasses since i managed to break mine.  I also found a pharmacy and got some medicine for mom and I'm hoping it helps her tonight.  I went back and found my bus shortly after that so I could shuttle back.  I'm glad I went back when I did because after I had been back about 15 minutes, it started raining.  I would not have been prepared in that rain.  It got cold too and windy.  

Oh one of the highlights of my afternoon was my great find on the Lido.  They had bread pudding.  I love their bread pudding and I've been up there the last two days looking for it and it has not been there.  So I was thrilled to find it after walking around windy Wellington all morning. W

We rested this afternoon and then went to dinner and the to the spa again.  The spa might be one of my favorite parts of the evening.  Mom is already out now after taking some medicine.  I hope she sleeps ok because we have a 4 hour excursion tomorrow to Tuki Tuki Valley.  At least it's not an all day excursion.  

I would like to say that I don't think the sea water is shrinking my clothes as much this trip as it has in the past.   Maybe I've finally learned how to indulge without over indulging :)

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