Saturday, June 19, 2010

Glacier Bay

So today was a day at sea but we got to spend it seeing glaciers at Glacier Bay. Around 7 am a park ranger from Glacier Bay National Park got on the ship. I'm not exactly what time he started talking about the things we were seeing. We got up around 7. We slept in some since we didn't have any excursions that we had to rush to get off the ship for. We got ready for breakfast and were going to go eat at The Pinnacle again. When we got there, there was no one there, so we decided to go to the dining room. We went down to the 4th floor to eat. There are 2 floors for the dining room…floor 4 & 5. You have to go downstairs and request a table to be seated at. They usually will seat you with someone else if there are only 2 people. When we walked up, they asked for our room number and we told it to them. They told us that because we were in a suite, we got to go upstairs and eat. We were escorted up there but the matr d (sp?). When we got up there, we were treated really really well. We got top of the line service. You see, we had not been getting very good service in the dining room, and they brought us a comment card to fill out. They wanted to know if there was anything at this point they could do to make our cruise better. I said that although we were pleased with most aspects of our cruise, we feel that our dining room service could be better. I said it in a polite way. I didn't want to be rude. Well, they inquired about the problem and tonight when we went to dinner, the situation was much better. You could tell that our waiters had been talked to. We got our food quickly and didn't have to wait around, and we were in and out in a reasonable amount of time. Anyways, back to breakfast. Yes, we were treated great! And the food was delicious. They asked if we wanted coffee and they misunderstood me and thought I wanted coffee so they poured me some. I didn't want to be rude and not drink it even though I don't like coffee. So I decided to add a bunch of creamer and sugar to it and it was actually bearable. Actually, I might even order coffee again, haha! So after breakfast, we spent lots of time on deck. We watched the glaciers and tried to see them breaking off into the water. We also went up on deck for the deck sale. At one point, I think it was around 10:30 am. they were serving Dutch Pea Soup on all outside decks. So, of course I needed to try this pea soup. It looked gross, but smelled good. We went out on deck to eat it in our big winter coats because it was COLD! We sat in the little reclining type chairs and covered up in blankets and watched the glaciers melt. We came in a few times and went back out. We went to the front of the ship at some point too because they had it open. It's not open normally. Lunch was small, because I had a big breakfast and some pea soup. After lunch we came back up and mom worked on her pictures and I decided to go for a walk on deck. I made it about a mile. It was good exercise, the only exercise I have done so far besides snorkeling and walking the stairs. I haven't been pigging out too much so I'm not feeling like a total cow just yet, haha! We went to the Tea Time at 3pm this afternoon and then I think we just came back to rest. We got ready early for dinner so we could have our picture taken. And tonight dinner was lobster. It was really good. Then we went for our normal evening routine spa visit. We are hanging out now before we go see Jeff Trachta in the showroom tonight. Apparently this is a "must see" show. He played Danny Zuko on Broadway and Thorne on The Bold and The Beautiful. So, we CAN'T miss out, haha! So, that's our evening. Tonight is formal night, so I need to go change back into my formal dress that I had on before going to the spa, uggggh! I'd rather put on jeans :)

***More pictures were posted so check the link down below. Enjoy! :)

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