Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 17

*We slept in and packed up.  We ate breakfast at B&B.  

*Took long route to bus stop with luggage and wine in tow.

*Went via bus to train station.  

*Bought tickets to vernazza.  

*Went to train station mall in search of wifi.  Tried to communicate with lady to find wifi but she was trying to figure out if we wanted a phone or computer.  

*Took train to vernazza.  Stopped and switched trains in empoli, Pisa, monterroso and then made it to vernazza.

*In Empoli the pickpocket ladies with the babies were in plain view.  They come in groups of 4 or 5.  At least one has a baby with a blanket covering the baby and her arms.  They try to pick pocket. We are smarter than that and don't have anything in view or easily accessible that they might even remotely be able to take.  

*We had several close calls with switching trains and difficulty with putting luggage on racks but we got it.

*When we arrived in vernazza we called our host of our place we are staying.  The ladys husband came to meet us at the train station.  He carried Beka and Elises luggage up a little walkway and several flights of stairs.  Our room is above the Blue Marlin Bar.  

*After we put our things down we explored.  It's beautiful and very different from our last stops.  We could walk the whole main road in probably 10 minutes or less.  

*We purchased some Internet time and got wifi.  

*We had a nice tasty pizza snack that rocked.  The olive bread was so good!  

*We ate dinner later after doing a load of laundry.  We ate sea bass and pesto but not together.  

*We came back early to get to bed early and lights are out before 10:30. 

*Tomorrow we are all getting massages at the local (only) spa.  Hour long massage for €50.  

*We heard the paths are closed bc of mudslides so we can't hike the whole way so we will probably take the train from town to town after our massages.   

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