Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16

Train to Florence after breakfast
Get off at wrong train stop in bad part of town.  Find taxi stand and take taxi to the duomo.

Eat pizza with mushrooms and ham

Went in duomo

Walked up bell tower 414 steps

Took pictures after catching breath

Walked back down 

Legs shaking when finished

Stopped for pastry and water

Found paper shop

Found ferragamo in the rain.  

Taxi to bus station

Took bus to Siena...very bumpy and uncomfortable.  Paid 60 cents before bus ride to go to restroom.  They gave me tissues. 

Ate dinner in siena when we arrived.  

Found wifi outside restaurant and stood outside for 20 min after dinner to check email.  

Started walking to taxi stand but walked the wrong way so we walked back to bandb.  It was about 3 miles but it was beautiful and we walked off our food we ate yesterday.  

Went to bed early.  

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