Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rome In A Day

We had a pretty good day, mostly in the rain. It was cold but we are in Rome so we won't complain. We did so much that we couldn't possible fit anything else into our day. We started our day figuring out how to take the train from our hotel to the city. We decided to buy a Roma pass bc it includes city transit for 3 dats and entrance to two museums. We went to the colliseum. We joined a tour there for a decent price. That included a free palatine hill tour which wasnt bad. It rained most of the time. Oh yeah, I forgot breakfast. We had croissants and cappacinos AND pizza. It was delicious! Lunch was ok. I wouldn't recommend it so we won't talk about it. After our tours we decided to go look for trevi fountain. We finally found it and threw in coins, so I guess I'll be going to Rome again....who's going with me??? Pantheon was next but instead we found a different building. Don't even know the name. Then after we found the real Pantheon we needed a snack. We stopped for wine and pizza. It was so good! Much better than dominos, haha! We finally found the Spanish steps after our snack. It was pretty cool. If you don't want to walk the steps to the top, you can ride the elevator. Then we decided it was time for dinner. On our way to dinner we stopped for some cheese to enjoy with our Italian wine that we bought yesterday. We finally found a nice quietplace for dinner and I had amazing ravioli. Oh and I can't forget our visit to some castle. Let me backtrack. Yesterday we took the shuttle to the city center from ourhotel. Well when we got off we wanted to remember where we were going to have to catch our return shuttle. Yesterday our first time in the center of Rome, we started walking the way we thought we were supposed to but one of the girls said "oh we don't need to go down there, that's just some castle.". Well we realized today that the "some castle" was actually the Vatican. It was pretty to see from the outside at night. Before taking the train back to our hotel, we stopped for gelato. It was SO GOOD!!! So now we are hanging in the room relaxing. We are exhausted! It's been a long but happy day!

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