Monday, March 14, 2011

Today was a better day weather wise. It didn't rain for starters and it also wasn't as cold. We started off by taking the hotel shuttle to the Vatican for our private tour. Last night we thought we had found the right place that we were supposed to be to meet our guide Peppe. Well we realized today when we saw the LONG line to get into the Vatican that we had found the back yesterday when we needed to find the front. We easily found our meeting spot though with about 10 minutes to spare for cappucino and a sandwhich....a pastry wasn't gonna cut it this morning. We were HUNGRY! So we found our guide.....Peppe who is also known as bob. Ok so apparently my CC would never go through so we were paying a higher price for tickets. Only instead of the higher price, Peppe snuck us into the line to buy tickets. No one said anything probably bc he was a guide and they just figured it was ok. The tour was pretty was an overload of information. I'm so glad we did the tour bc afterwards Peppe (also known as Giseppe) recommended a restaurant for us that we ended up going to. It was some of the best trueitalian food. We didn't know what to order so we told tgem to bring us anything. They brought us tons of stuff....fresh mozerella, prosciutto, pizza, gnocchi, carbonara, tiramisu, chocolate cake, lemon cake, espresso, and wine. It was amazing! After this we wandered back and decided to catch a train. Then a bus to the main train station. We got our tickets for our trip to Siena in the morning which is where we willbe for the next two days. I'm not sure if I'll have Internet access the next 4 days. After Siena and Florence we head to Cinque Terra where we will spend some time relaxing. Hopefully I can update before Milan but if I don't I'll try to keep tabs on all we do. We are exhausted so it's going to be a relaxing evening getting ready for our morning of travel and wine school tomorrow afternoon.

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