Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day in Dawson City

Thankfully we got to sleep in this morning.  If I had to get up for an excursion, I'm not sure I'd be able to make it the rest of the trip....ok, not really, but I needed time to rest.  We slept until about 8am.  After we got ready and had breakfast, it was almost 11am.  We didn't do much today, just walked around town and walked down to the river.  We went in the little gift shops and checked things out in there.  We both took a nice nap, mine was longer and I probably could have napped even longer.

Tonight we are just trying to keep up with the Mavs game and hanging out.  I'm thinking about joining the Sour Toe Club.  You can't join until after 9pm.

Tomorrow we are going on a river cruise on the Yukon River that is supposed to last about 3 hours.  It's round trip from Dawson City.  When we get back, we are getting in the bus and then going to Tok for the evening.  That's like our midway point between here and Fairbanks.  There aren't any excursions in Tok because it's just a stop over point.  I'm sure we will have to be up early the next day to head towards Fairbanks.  Once we get to Fairbanks we have some late night excursions.  Seeing as how the daylight hours last longer, that will help me to not be so tired I'm sure.

I'm adding a few pictures of our moose sighting and the Yukon River.  Enjoy and I'll be in Alaska the next time I write!

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  1. I see you are still having a good time in rugged country. I don't see anything like that buffalo in my neighborhood - just little dogs! What an experience - glad to see your travels through your eyes. Nanny