Monday, June 13, 2011

Day on the Top of the World Highway....Or Something Like That

1.  Woke up early too early!
2.  Ate breakfast and loaded up at 8:15am.
3.  Went on a river cruise down the Yukon River.
4.  Then after 3 hours, transferred back to the coach and began our journey from Dawson City to Tok, AK.
5.  Stopped for border patrol at the US/Canadian border.
6.  Stopped for tour group picture near the Welcome to Alaska sign.
7.  Continued on towards Tok and stopped in Chicken for a "coffee" break.  I bought a shirt while I was there.
8.  Fell asleep a few times.
9.  Finally arrived in Tok, AK.
10.  Ate dinner.....we had some really good mexican food.
11.  Ready to crash!  I didn't sleep too good last night.

*Tomorrow we leave at 7:45am which is earlier than expected so that we can stop at North Pole, AK.


  1. You are moving fast! Will you get to see Santa Claus when you go to the North Pole? Nanny

  2. I an TOO OLD to travel at WARP speed. I bet a real deep sleep will be in the cards for Sunday night. DAD