Sunday, June 19, 2011

Denali to Anchorage Via Train

I guess I left off before we did our jeep rental yesterday.  Well, we rented the jeep and went to Healy, which is right outside of Denali about 10 miles.  We drove down several roads and got some great views and took some great pictures.  Then we went to eat at 49th State Brewery (I think that was the name of it).  As we were sitting in the parking lot deciding if we were going to go in, a moose walked right out in front of us and we got some great pictures!  We didn't drive too many more places after that because we were done and ready to go to bed.

This morning I got up early to go river rafting.  They put us in dry suits so we wouldn't get wet.  Then we got all geared up and listened to that safety speech twice because we had some late comers and then we were on our way on the Nenana River.  The rafting was a lot of fun!  It was really cold and my feet froze even with 2 pairs of socks but it was so much fun!  I would highly recommend rafting at Denali.

We took the train to Anchorage from Denali at noon today.  It was a long train ride but actually went very fast.  I took tons of pictures!  Our tour guide told me how I could get to the very back car so I could get some great pictures off of the last rail car.  I got some great pictures off of the back.  I probably spent about 4 hours total outside taking pictures.  I was rarely in my seat.

Once we got to Anchorage we were ready to go to our hotel by they weren't ready for us so they took us on a lame "city tour" to waste time.  We finally got to our hotel and got situated in our room and then Chase and Lauren arrived shortly after.  I'm glad they made it in one piece.

We had a little get together with our tour group with our tour director tonight and we just visited with Chase and Lauren and our director made his rounds to visit with people.  All in all it was a good evening and we are glad that Chase and Lauren are here and we are both ready to get on the ship.

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  1. What a description of your travels! Who drove the Jeep -you or your Mom? Glad to hear Chase and Lauren made it there and I am looking forward to seeing all your pictures. Nanny