Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today we pulled into Juneau.  We had an excursion at 9am to go see Mendenhall Glacier.  Last year I was sick when we docked in Juneau.  The doctor later diagnosed me with strep throat but I don't think thats what it was.  Well this year Mom came down with a cold yesterday so she was sick.  I told her we need to come back again so we can visit again when we are both well.

Our excursion was good.  We went to Glacier Gardens and then on to Mendenhall Glacier.  The glacier was neat.  They had a path to hike to a waterfall at the glacier.  I was going to remember the name of the waterfall but as much as I tried to remember, I forgot the name.  It was really neat!  I know I didn't describe it much but you've gotta see it to understand it.  So you need to visit Mendenhall Glacier.

This afternoon is when I had my spa treatment.  The massage, like I said, was wonderful!  I was planning to take it easy this afternoon.  The morning started off a little dreary so I didn't think I would want to go up on the Tramway in Juneau.  But it started clearing up so I decided once I got back after the massage that I had enough time to go back out and make my way to the Tramway.  I'm so glad that I did.  The view was great!  The only thing I wish I had time to do was hike to the top of Mt. Roberts.  I didn't know how long it would take me and I was by myself so I didn't want to take any chance of missing the ship.  I DID NOT want to be stuck in Juneau all by my lonesome!

Tonight was also Le Cirque.  The food was great!  And I ate almost every bit of it.  I didn't eat much during the day and I did a lot of hiking, therefore, I had plenty of room for the deliciousness that was served in the Pinnacle.

It's another slow relaxing evening around here.  We are still worn out from our land adventure and still recovering.  Tomorrow we are in Ketchikan from 11-7.  We are going to see a lumberjack show.  That should be fun! :)

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  1. Keep the entertaining writing coming, Krista. Nanny