Thursday, November 17, 2011

day 17: sky ranch

Oh how I love that place! It started with me wanting to work at a summer camp with kids in college. The summer after my freshman year I chose to take summer classes so they would be easier. Science wasn't(and still isn't) my thing so community college was the right thing and much easier than science at OBU. Moving on, all that first summer I researched summer camps. Somehow I learned about Sky. I also learned about pine cove. It might have been the fact that they both were at obu recruiting. Regardless, I applied at both and from what I remembered I interviewed at both. I was ecstatic when I got the job at Sky. I was so excited! I knew a few other people that got a job there too so it wasn't just me. Of course when I first got there I was super quiet but quickly warmed up. It's amazing how fast you become yourself when you spend 24 hrs a day with people in the sane room and very little alone time. I was blessed with an amazing group of counselors that I was so fortunate to work with that first year. We had so much fun with out cabin full of 8 year olds. My most favorite part of sky besides meeting some great friends was getting to lead sweet children to Christ. I'll never forget one little girl who had a puzzled look on her face. She didn't understand while people were so mean to Jesus on the cross. She asked, "will you help me ask Jesus into my heart." I still get goosebumps thinking about that sweet moment and many other that are similar to that. I not only worked there that summer but the next summer as well and the the summer after my first year of teaching. I am thankful for what sky did in my life and how it taught me to be selfless. I'm also thankful that they trusted me enough to teach children about the love of God. I won't lie, there were many tough moments but in all honesty it was completely worth all the late nights, sweating, sunburns, lice checks, weekend duty, camper homesickness, and lifeguard certification (uggh). I am forever grateful for it all!

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