Friday, November 18, 2011

Tiny Prints Christmas Cards

This will be my 2nd year to make and send out Christmas cards.  Last year someone had a promotion where you could blog about their cards and then get 50 free ones.  Sadly, they aren't doing that same promotion again this year.  However I happened upon a blog that reported that Tiny Prints is doing a similar promotion this year.  I haven't bought much from Tiny Prints but I am excited about what they have to offer.  Their line of Christmas cards is wonderful and they have some really creative cards.  You can find them here at their website.  I already have all my pictures picked out to put on my card.  I am planning to take a few more in NYC this Thanksgiving to add to my collection of optional pictures.  I know I don't have a cute little family or a sweet little puppy to show everyone but I have done a lot in the past year and I think it's a great reason to send out Christmas cards so I'm sending them out. 

I love cards that have a lot of space for pictures....I can never pick just one.  These are some of my favorites because they have space for more than one picture on them.  I also love the folded cards because I love writing a little bit about things that have happened throughout the year.

Folded Holiday Photo Cards Snappy Shots - Front : Charcoal

Photo Montage Cards Dearest Memories

Christmas Cards Counted Blessings - Front : Peppermint

Once I have gathered all of my fun pictures, I will decide on the card I want to choose.  You really should check out their cards.  After you blog about their cards on your blog, you go fill out this form.  You can thank me later! :)

Another thing I plan to try this year with all of my Christmas cards is something I saw on Pinterest.  People have posted the idea or putting all of their Photo Christmas cards that they get in the mail on a metal ring and putting that on their coffee table each year as a holiday photo book.  I never know what to do with my Christmas cards at the end of the season and some of them are just too nice to throw out so I'm trying it out this year. 

If you are lucky, you will get a Christmas card in the mail :)

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