Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Card Update

As you might remember back almost a month ago I did a review on Tiny Print cards as a promotion to get my Christmas cards free. Well I had a really hard time choosing a card because I'm somewhat picky. Here are the criteria my card had to meet.
1. It had to be foldable. I don't have a problem with flat cards but if I'm getting them free, I'm getting the most that I can.
2. There had to be more than one spot for a picture. Since I'm not really all about photoshoots of just me, I wanted spots to put pictures of all my adventures from throughout the year. I would have loved to had a spot for a picture inside the card but that didn't matter as much as having several picture spots on the front.
3. It could not say "Happy Holidays." It was necessary that it said Merry Christmas somewhere on the card.
4. There had to be a spot to write a short paragraph about my year. Since there really wasn't room for any captions for the pictures, I felt it was necessary to write about my year. I know that I love hearing about things that are happening in other people's lives so I guess I hoped that people might want to hear about my year :)
5. Picture spots on the back weren't necessary but they were definitely an added bonus. I added two pictures of my award winning photos from the state fair.

*Before I made my card I decided that I wanted to add my blog web address to the card somewhere. I was in a time crunch to get my cards sent off so I could have them back in time to send them off before Christmas. I also wanted to be able to give them out to coworkers before we were out for break. I forgot about the blog address as I was designing my card and I didn't remember until I had already sent it to the printer. Today I sat down and just wrote it on all my cards. It didn't take too long and it adds a little extra to the back.

If I don't have your address and you would like a copy of my card, just email me. I've got some extras. I'm very pleased with them and I'm hoping they do another great promotion next year :)

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