Tuesday, March 6, 2012

start of the bucket list: updated

Ok so a time or two I have referred to my "bucket list" but have yet to post that list. Therefore I thought now would be the time to post those things that were on my travel section of my bucket list. Being the organized person that I am, did you think I had just one long list??? Of course not....I've got different sections. So here goes my travel bucket list.

1. Go on an African safari
2. Go to Niagara Falls
3. Walk on a glacier
4. Travel through the Panama Canal
5. Visit the Amazon Rainforest
6. See Mt. Ranier up close and not just from the plane
7. Cruise to Antarctica
8. Tour Machu Picchu
9. Go to a concentration camp in Europe
10. See The Gateway Arch
11. Travel to the Four Corners Region and take a picture of course
12. Visit wineries in Napa Valley
13. See Mount Rushmore
14. Take a cross country road trip stopping whenever I feel the need.
15. See the Northern Lights
16. NYE in Times Square.
17. Go to the super bowl for the experience. It would be a plus if I liked one of the teams playing.
18. Be part of a flash mob.
19. Go to baseball spring training in Arizona.
20. Cage swimming with great white sharks.
21. See the start of the Iditarod.
21. Apply for reality tv. (Anyone want to apply for the amazing race with me?)

This is just the start. I'm hoping to get started on these ASAP. Some will take more disciplined saving that others but I'm not planning in sitting back and doing nothing.

***If you have any helpful tips on any of these, please share :)

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