Saturday, February 4, 2012

colorado tubing

Ok, so I'm pretty aware that I almost never get comments on here. It could be due to the fact that very few people read this or maybe you don't want me to know you read this. I need some help though. I'm planning a trip to Colorado for spring break with a friend to visit a friend. I haven't had much luck with snowboarding so I'd prefer to not try again just yet. I don't really think I want to attempt skiing just yet. Another option is tubing. Looks like and sounds like fun....definitely something to try.

So I guess I need opinions on several different ski resorts. Anyone been to Winter Park? Or Copper Mountain? Or Keystone? Anyone been tubing?

What are some of your other favorite things to do/see in the Denver area? We are planning some snowshoeing but I'm trying to decide what other fun things to do.


  1. Ask Jeff! I have been to Winter Park and thought it was cool, but it's the only ski trip I've ever been on. Jeff has been TONS! Seriously, ask him.