Sunday, July 29, 2012


This summer instead of my traditional vacation I've stayed close to home. This might be the first summer I haven't been out of Texas that I can remember. Because I'm taking a big trip in December, I've decided (sort of) that I should probably just save my money and wait for the big Australia and New Zealand trip. So my second summer trip I took in Texas was south again. I went with 5 other girls to Fredericksburg. I've only been there once and I would really call it taking a trip o Fredericksburg to explore the cute little town and surrounding areas. I went for a pedicure the day before my brothers wedding. That was the closest place so that's where we went. We were there strictly for me to get my toes done and eat lunch. So my first real trip to Fredericksburg was a lot of fun. We stayed in a cute little cottage called the Abble House. It was perfectly located and within walking distance to everything except the wineries and nothing is within walking distance to the wineries. The food we ate was great! The wine was delicious! The atmosphere was just lovely! I came back a little heavier than I was when I left so I'd say the trip was a success :)

Here are a few pictures from our adventure.

Now to prepare for 5 glorious days in Austin with my gg's!  Can't wait! :)

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