Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sydney Harbour Briidge Climb

II booked my bridge climb last night.  I was going to book the twilight climb but it was sold out.  However the time slot right before the twilight climb time was still available and $50 cheaper.  Therefore I booked that time.  It's hard to believe this trip that has been in the making for quite some time is almost here.  I have a ton to do this week to prepare not only for the trip but at school too.  I'm so glad I have an amazing sub that will take really good care of my students and my classroom.  Then I won't worry while I am away.  I know it will all be take care of.  In the meantime I will now just be checking things off my list and try to remember all that needs to be packed.  However, I'll just go by my traveling motto....if I forget something, I'll just buy it!

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