Friday, February 1, 2013

goodbyes are never easy

Today was one of the hardest days I've ever had to experience.  My sweet grandmother went to heaven.  She was truly one of the kindest, gentlest, most loving, caring women I have ever met.  She has spent her life serving the Lord and exemplifying Christ in everything she does.  I have so many wonderful memories of Nanny.  The first memory I have of her isn't exactly my memory but more like a story about the day I was born.  When she heard that I weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces, she said "that's the size of a good pot roast."  So in her mind, when I was born she was thinking of cooking.  That's another memory I have about her.  My brother and I went over and spent time with her during the summers for a week at a time.  I have tons of memories of Nanny helping us make custard in the microwave, jello pudding, and chocolate pies.  She never said no if we asked to bake something.  And anytime I had a special request for smothered steak, it was waiting on the table for me when I arrived.  I'll never forget our school programs and going over to her house after school to change and get ready and have dinner before the programs.  I can't forget the cruise I went on with her and my mom.  I have pictures to help me relive that trip.  Nanny went to High Tea with me and even held her little pinkie up with me when we drank tea.  She loved hearing stories about my students in my class.  Nanny was a special lady.  She never met a stranger and she never had anything mean to say about anyone.  She played the piano beautifully and loved to sing.  I think I got my love of music from her.  My last words with Nanny were very special.  I went to see her yesterday in the hospital and when I got ready to leave I told her "Nanny, I'm gonna go but I'll be back later.  I love you."  She said "I love you."  I turned to walk out and she said "Krista, you're a good granddaughter."  In there with the tears, I was able to get out "Thank you Nanny, I love you."  I will never forget those words.  She meant so much to me and I'm so glad she knew.  Thanksgiving 2011 I posted each day about how thankful I was for different things and I posted about her one day and wrote about how thankful I was for everything about her.  She was so excited to see that post that she printed it out after adding a picture at the top of the page of me and her and she had planned to share it at one of her Young At Heart meetings.  I don't know if she ever had a chance to share that with her friends.  But if she didn't, I'm so glad she knew how much I loved her and how thankful I am for her.  She lived an amazing life and raised 3 wonderful daughters.  All 3 of them are strong ladies and I'm grateful for all of them.  My life won't be the same without her, but I'm comforted in knowing that she is up in heaven right now with our Savior and one day I will see her again and we will both sing and dance together eating snickers, chocolate pie, and smothered steak.....Nanny I love you and I know you are watching over all of us.  Thank you for all you ever did for me and for the love you showed.  You wanted to go you are finally home!

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