Tuesday, June 11, 2013

tomorrow isn't guaranteed

I've heard this saying over and over again but it never sunk in until now.  My wonderful, loving, laid back, hard working uncle unexpectedly went to be with the Lord yesterday. From what I am told I thought the world of him when I was a little girl.  My aunt tells me that I called him Egwin instead of his real name Edwin.  I remember holidays at their house...mainly thanksgiving.  I also remeber our Colorado trip we went on together as a child.  I remember his elk caller.  He would try to attract the elk.  He was always in a good mood whenever I saw him and always seemed to have some sort of project going on.  He would always pick on me when he would see me as an adult but it was all in good fun. I know he's not in pain anymore and as hard as it is for us to not have him here, it's part of Gods plan for him to go home to be with Him.  He was finished with E here and he needed him.  I wonder if Nanny needed help with something and the Lord knew that E could help her, so He called him home.  I won't question God's plan but accept that His plan is perfect and ask Him for strength and comfort.   I didn't want him to go and didn't get a chance to say good bye, but one day I'll get to say hello when I meet him again after I meet Jesus face to face.  

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