Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today we took a train to Siena after checking out of the hotel.  Train rush hour wasnt too bad.  We made  a stop in chiusi or something like that. We finally got to Siena but somehow ended on the wrong bus  or the one that was supposed to take us to our b&b.  It was supposed to be 100 kilometers after we got off the city bus.  But bc it was the wrong bus we were much farther than that so we had to walk.  That was when my backpack came in handy.  After checking in, we went back to the town for our class.  We went into the city for our Tuscan wine class and totally loved it.  We all bought wine.  There were some girls in the class with us.  Well mostly girls.  There was one guy who acted girly and fit right in.  At the end a few of them told us a good place to eat so we walked and found it.  We ordered all our food to share.  After dinner we had dessert.  We started with 1 tiramisu and immediately ordered a second bc it was so good.  Then our waiter brought us a third one just because he wanted to.  After dinner we decided to get a taxi to go back to our b & b.  We went into a pizza store and they called us one.  The taxi got there almost immediatleu.  Once we were in the car for about 4 minutes of so, Elise realized she left her wine at the pizza store so we went back for it.  It didn't take to long.  After we got back it was late so we went to bed.  Goodnight :) 

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