Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 20

Our train left at 7:10 in the morning so we had to be up pretty early  
to make sure we didn't miss the train.  We took a cab to the train  
station bc we didn't want to try to figure out the trains.  When we  
got in the cab the meter already said 9.40.  He had already started  
the meter bc he said he was waiting for us.  Well we only gave him 15  
euros bc that's all he deserved.  He had overcharged us.  Good thing  
we didn't understand him.  He gave up and just left.  The train ride  
was amazing!  It was absolutley beautiful.  The alps are so pretty.   
Our train ride was quiet.  It was pretty empty. We started the trip  
with breakfast we bought the night before.  The ride was about 3 hours  
45 minutes long.  When we got to Zurich it was really cold.  We  
attempted to find the restroom.  Of course it cost money do we had to  
get Swiss francs(I think that's what they use.  Well after we got our  
money we realized they wouldn't take our money bc our bills were too  
big.  So we got a taxi and headed for the hotel.  It was so expensive  
to take a taxi.  It cost about 50 dollars and we were in the taxi  
about 20 minutes.  After check in (once again a beautiful hotel,  
thanks to Elise) we headed towards downtown.  Unfortunately most  
things were closed.  We did go to a really tasty fondu place.  It was  
expensive (I'm not surprised) but it was delicious). We didn't do much  
but walk around.  Beka walked up more stairs to get a good view of  
Zurich.  The city is so clean and it was pretty too.  Basically since  
everything was closed we went back and relaxed.  We packed up and  
hopefully packed our wine good enough to not break.  We were in bed  
early and ready for our flight home the next morning.

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