Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 21

This morning was an early one.  We were up at 5:00 to make sure we had  
time to shower, pack up, and eat breakfast in the executive lounge.   
We scarfed down breakfast pretty quickly. It was probably one of the  
best breakfasts we've had our whole trip.  After breakfast it was time  
to head to the airport.  We got there and I got to check in with  
business class bc I got upgraded.  I had to pay and use miles but it  
was worth it to me.  My back has been hurting for the past 4 or 5 days  
so it was nice to be comfortable.  Going through security was a  
breeze.  One thing I noticed in Zurich at the airport was that they  
asked those security questions like they used to ask a long long time  
ago at airports.  You know, the ones where they are almost making you  
feel guilty and want you to confess that you've done something wrong  
except that you haven't done anything wrong.  Moving on, we didn't  
have to wait too long for boarding.  I went with the first group and  
found my seat.  It was so roomy!  I had my own personal tv that played  
movies and tv shows and did other stuff too.  As much as I wanted to  
sleep, I wanted to stay up to enjoy the business class amenities.  So  
I really only slept for about 2 hours.  They fed us really well.  Our  
lunch was 5 courses if you include the warm nuts and the ice cream  
sundaes for desert.  They our snack was more like a light lunch.  It  
was just really nice.  My overseas traveling may never be the same.  I  
have been spoiled and I might always want to be spoiled now.  I was  
able to lay my seat almost completely flat.  It was really weird  
though when I pushed the flat button bc my chair started lifting up  
and I was a little freaked out.  But really it just needed to do some  
moving around before it could lay flat.  Oh and the blankets weren't  
the rinky dink ones that you get in coach.  They were decently thick.   
After the flight customs was easy.  They never asked me any  
questions.  They just asked me where I went and what I did.  I told  
him I was a kinder teacher and he said, "oh you teach them when they  
are still innocent.". After customs we had to go back through  
security.  They searchedmy bag probably bc I forgot to put my burts  
bees hand lotion from business class in my quart sized bag.  Oh well.   
The others wanted some food but I was so stuffed I couldn't eat so I  
just watched.  Then we waited for our planes which were all around the  
same time.  Which brings me to right now.  I'm on the plane.  The  
flight was supposed to leave at 4:20 but then delayed to 4:40.  I'm  
not really sure when we actually took off but it was most certainly  
delayed.  They are playing chronicles of narnia.  I watched some but  
I'm tired of watching the rest.  I bought a few magazines so I'll  
probably read those.

Overall our trip was definitely a trip of a lifetime.  I enjoyed it  
all.  Once again there are things I should not have taken but not much  
less.  I'm so glad I got the chance to go.

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