Friday, April 22, 2011

It's That Time Again

It won't be long before I'm heading off to Alaska with my wonderful and beautiful mother. We leave soon after I get out of school at the beginning of June. I have really started to think about what I am going to take. It will be quite interesting when I start to pack for our trip. The first reason being that it is quite long. We will be gone 20 days. If my memory serves me correctly, we were gone that long last year BUT we were on a cruise ship for 14 of those days with laundry access at our fingertips. Wait, not only was it laundry access, people were doing our laundry for us. This time we will only be cruising for 7 days. Before we cruise, we will spend 12 days on a land tour through Alaska. I will post our itinerary soon. We will start in Vancouver where we will then take a plane to Whitehorse which actually isn't Alaska but it's close. So, I'm going to plan to take things that I can rewear without smelling too bad. That is when my awesome febreeze will come in handy :) I don't think it will be as tough as I am thinking it will be. Afterall, I did go on a nice long 15 day trip to Europe a few years back and I had to do laundry in the sink. So, I think I will manage to be ok without laundry service.

Be on the lookout at the beginning of next week for our itinerary on here. It's gonna be a great trip!

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