Thursday, April 14, 2011

Venture Card

I've been wanting to post about a credit card promotion for a few days now but my internet connection was non existent for some reason. I had no connection for the past 3 days but it has suddenly appeared.

So...about this card. Well my wonderful mom told me about the greatness of this card. There are several reasons this card is so great. First of all, the promotion they have right now ROCKS! If you have a lot of airmiles in your account on the airline of your choice, you are in great shape. I happen to have 62,000 and guess what Capitol One just did for me.....they matched my miles with points. They are giving me 62,000 points. Then, I have 90 days to spend $1000. It just so happens that my home owners insurance and my car insurance is due in about a week. The Venture Card was the perfect card for those two costs. I have the money in savings to pay those bills so I'm not worried about interest. So I really don't have much more to spend to get my $1000 spent. When I spend my $1000 in the first 90 days, they are going to give me 10,000 points. Yep, that's right....ten thousand points. So after I spend my money, I will have 72,000 points. If you look on their rewards chart, that equals $720 worth of travel. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a pretty good deal. This card does have a fee, BUT they are waving it for the first year....another perk of the card. Then for every dollar you spend, you get 2 points. One other great perk for international travels (Europe)....they don't charge an extra fee when you use your card to make a purchase. That's pretty much awesome because those fees add up. I'd rather spend my money on something to eat or some type of souvenir or anything besides a credit card fee.

So, you should check into this card. I think the promotion ends soon...well sometime in May. I can't wait to get my "free" travel out of all my spending :)

Capitol One Venture Card

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