Sunday, November 27, 2011

day 23-27

I missed a few days of my thankfulness posts so I'm making them up today. I know you are also waiting on my trip blog to hear all about NYC. That will have to wait until I don't have to blog on my iPhone. Tomorrow I'll have q normal computer to blog on and pictures to upload so I'll do that tomorrow. Until then I'm thankful for:

day 23: email: it's a great way for me to check on people and keep in touch. Of course I love snail mail but it's not used as much as email.
day 24: pinterest: It brings out the crafty side in me and gives me new ideas of things to cook, make, photograph, etc.
day 25: airplanes: They take me places far from home and allow me to experience parts of the world that I wouldn't have the opportunity to otherwise.
day 26: sunshine and rain equally but not at the same time: I love sunshine but ibalso love the rain when the time is right. They can both make for equally wonderful days but depending on what the plans are for the day.
day 27: football: It keeps me occupied when I'm at home on the weekends. I've probably learned more about football during the last few months than when I had cable.

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