Monday, November 28, 2011

day 28: traveling with my mom

You all know I love to travel.  I've already blogged about traveling and traveling with friends.  I thought now I should blog about how thankful I am to travel with my mom.  There are tons of people around me that tell me how great it is that I get to travel with my mom.  I know I've been blessed with a mom who loves to explore the world and she has passed that on to me.  I love that I get to go on trips with her and I don't have to share her with anyone.  I'm thankful that she wants me to travel with her.  I'm also thankful for those mornings that she doesn't make me get up really early and go gallavanting around town or around the cruise ship.  I know that sometimes I have to get up early to go places, but she lets me take my time getting ready and doesn't rush me.  She lets me see the things I want to see (and I let her see the things she wants to see).  Maybe that's why we make such a great pair.  I know it's a blessing to spend these years with my mom and I do cherish all the moments we get to spend seeing the world!

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  1. I enjoy traveling with you also. The times we spend together traveling are special to me. I am glad I have a daughter that enjoys my company as much as I enjoy hers.