Monday, June 11, 2012

old photos from old trips

With a summer that is not filled with extensive travel, comes projects around the house.  With projects around the house such as cleaning and organizing, comes finding old nostalgic items.  With nostalgia, comes reminiscing about good ole times.

As I was cleaning out/organizing drawers in my home office, I came across CD's of pictures from trips that I have taken in the past 10 years.  During the past 10 years my love of travel has grown.  It's neat to look back on those trips and see the different places I have been and "forgotten" about.  Even though they aren't as extreme as Alaska or New Zealand, they are still part of my experiences.  Looking at the pictures brought back memories of things that I had forgotten that I had done/seen.

I thought since I find myself getting bored (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) throughout the weeks of summertime, I would blog about what I remember from these trips.  I know I won't get all the details correct or remember every single thing that I did on the trip, but pictures really are worth a thousand words.  These pictures are a great way for me to remember all the sweet times I had with my dear friends and family.

So, I'll start with Hawaii but will be leaving out quite a few details and mainly just sharing some fun pictures.  We went in July 2004.  I will say this.....when I graduated from college in May 2003, my mom told me that we were going to go on a trip to Hawaii the next summer.  My exact words that I will never forget were "I wanna be skinny."  Her exact words that I will never forget were, "Well, you have a year to do it."  I never looked back.  My close friends and those that have been around for a while, have seen me before, and seen me after.  They saw the transformation.  People I have met recently or haven't known for at least 9 years would never guess that I used to be 70 pounds heavier.  It's hard for me to believe too, but it is true.  So I guess Hawaii brought on that transformation, that change.  Maybe I'll blog about that later, but for now I'll just blog about my traveling.  

Hawaii was my first cruise.  We took a non-stop flight to get there that was about 8 hours and left on the cruise only a few hours later.  I would never suggest flying to your embarkation destination on the same day that your cruise leaves.  If anything would have happened with our flight to delay it, we might have missed our ship.  However, it was our first cruise and we didn't know.  The cruise was a 10 day cruise on NCL.  We spent time island hopping and then took 2 sea days to get to Fanning Island and 2 sea days to get back from Fanning Island after only spending maybe 10 hours there (if that).  Hawaii is beautiful!  It was perfect.  My favorite island was Maui.  I learned how to surf in Maui and had a blast.  We also went to a luau in Maui.  I also remember going snorkeling in Kauai.  That was one of my favorite snorkeling adventures.  I hate to say it was the best because the snorkeling in Alaska was one of my favorites too but it was a different experience.  While we were in Kauai after we had lunch we got to taste Hawaiian shaved ice.  It's basically shaved ice with vanilla ice cream in the bottom of the cup.  It was really good.  Fanning Island was a neat experience.  The locals there were so glad to see us.  I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a neat experience.  Let's see.....I remember making several different types of leis on the ship on our sea days.  Some people don't like sea days but I do, because they force you to relax.  You can't be in a hurry to leave the ship because there isn't a port...just  a big ocean.  I don't remember much more from the trip so I'll leave you with these pictures.

After arriving in Hawaii after our 8 hour flight.  I do remember sleeping most of the time, which is what I like to do on long flights.  

Fanning Island

With my mom after making ribbon leis.  

Palm Frond Weaving Class

At Sea

This is after we snorkeled in Kauai.  

Before we surfed they gave us rash guards and water shoes.  

I have proof that I really did surf.  The camera died shortly after this picture.  However, I think I have some video footage somewhere.  

This is on the beach at Maui close to where we went to a luau.  

Other trips that I will be blogging about in the days ahead are the following: (in no particular order)

*NYC at Christmas with 3 of my best friends
*Charleston with one of my best friends
*Canada/New England Cruise with my mom and grandmother.
*Europe with my brother and another good friend
*Any other traveling photos I come across that I feel need their own blog post.

I hope you have enjoyed my Hawaii trip in a nutshell.  Hopefully one day I'll go back there.  It's on my list of places I'd like to visit again someday.

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